Huawei releases Intent-Driven all-optical connectivity strategy

In June 2023, Huawei officially released the Intent-Driven All-Optical Connectivity Strategy and a series of blockbuster new products in Beijing. The conference is held for F5.5G, Optical Linking Everything, Building the Foundation of Computing Power Era, in which the company analyses the direction of optical technology innovation in the computing power era.

Huawei Intent-Driven All-Optical Connectivity Strategy Key Information

  • Through 400G backbone network to achieve high-speed interconnection between computers, 100G metropolitan access to achieve instantaneous computing power, capacity map and computing network brain.
  • All-optical quality broadband network: 50G PON to achieve 10 Gigabit upgrade.
  • Huawei uses device-network integration, light-vision fusion, and Levision fitting to build a multi-dimensional perception full-scenario.
  • Huawei extends ICT light technology from the communications field to the automotive industry.
  • Industry’s first 400G OTN Kepler platform for data center.
  • A a full range of 400G solutions, the Alps architecture for metropolitan pooling, the all-optical capacity map that realizes computing and network.
  • The industry’s first 50G PON commercial solution with 10G experience, FTTR B30 for small and micro enterprises.

The company said it will continue to support the digital transformation and application implementation of thousands of industries, lead the development of the industry with technological innovation, and join hands with the entire industry to build 10 Gigabit optical networks. Promoting the prosperity of the digital economy.

Huawei Intent-Driven all-optical connectivity strategy

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