Huawei releases the Beiming Architecture

Huawei at the Full Connect 2021, Huawei‘s Vice President and President of Computing Product Line Deng Taihua released the Beiming Diversified Computing Convergence Architecture (referred to as the “Beiming Architecture”).

As per the information, the Beiming architecture is an enabling software stack for diverse computing hardware and clusters, simplifying development and deployment in diverse computing environments.

Xiong Yan pointed out that the basic enabling software of Beiming architecture, that is, through Bisheng C++ programming language, Bisheng compiler, and Beiming fusion acceleration library, provides versatile, efficient and high-performance development capabilities for diverse computing systems.

Among them, Bisheng C++ supports the SYCL heterogeneous programming standard, and realizes a language to program Kunpeng, Shengteng and mainstream computing power in the industry. Beiming Fusion Acceleration Library provides API-based programming calls for key functions in the field, is compatible with mainstream application frameworks, provides a unified API interface for multiple computing power, and supports AI + big data, HPC + AI, HPDA and other fusion applications.

It helps developers to make distributed applications, efficient deployment of fusion applications, and full integration of diverse computing systems through the Danube Unified Schedule.

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