Huawei introduces MetaAAU: Energy consumption is reduced by 30% [MIMO product]

At the 2021 China International Information and Communication Exhibition, Yang Chaobin, president of Huawei’s wireless product line, released the Massive MIMO (large-scale antenna array) product MetaAAU.

Huawei mentioned that MetaAAU has introduced ultra-large-scale antenna array technology to achieve both performance and energy-saving improvements through the integration of algorithms, architecture, and software and hardware.

MetaAAU introduces a new architecture, doubles the size of the antenna array, and improves uplink and downlink coverage at the same time; it does not increase the transmit power and improves the edge user experience.

Huawei’s test shows that compared to traditional solutions, MetaAAU can increase the cell’s uplink coverage by 30% and downlink coverage by 30% at the same time, and the average experience of edge users can be increased by 25%. Under the condition that the cell edge coverage index remains unchanged, the base station can be configured with lower transmission power, thereby reducing the energy consumption of the base station. Compared with the traditional AAU, energy consumption is reduced by about 30%.

Huawei MetaAAU



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