Huawei’s seven innovations in digital infrastructure are completely new

Huawei held the HUAWEI CONNECT 2021 from September 23 to October 31 and the event got named Dive into Digital. During this new event, the company unveiled breakthrough innovations in several different domains, providing a first look at its comprehensive digital infrastructure range.

Most of the innovations are completely new and have never been seen before outside of Huawei’s labs. Huawei is one of the world’s leading creators of digital infrastructure, and is dedicated to building a fully connected, intelligent world.

Huawei Executive Director and President of ICT Products & Solutions David Wang delivered a keynote speech titled Leading Innovation in Digital Infrastructure. In the speech, he noted, “Infrastructure has been vital to every stage of human development. The intelligent world is fast approaching and digital infrastructure is the key to building this intelligent world. The world now faces unprecedented challenges and so Huawei will remain customer-centric and committed to innovation. We are dedicated to breakthroughs to serve major application scenarios such as digital offices, smart manufacturing, wide area network (WAN), and data centers, and accelerate the development of the global digital infrastructure.”

These 7 specific innovations Huawei has launched or is about to launch onto the market:

  • Digital meeting rooms: Powered by intelligent “Office Twins” and bridging the world with ubiquitous gigabit and seamless collaboration
  • Huawei OptiXsense: Accelerating pipeline inspection
  • The industry’s first deterministic IP network solution: Making lights-out digital factories a reality
  • H-OTN: Leading a revolution in secure production networks
  • An industry-leading IP network solution: Enabling cross-region computing resource scheduling
  • OceanStor Pacific: Ushering in an era of High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA)
  • Huawei CC Solution: Building the industry’s first public diversified computing service platform

These 7 specific innovations Huawei has launched

Wang concluded by saying, “Each and every R&D employee at Huawei lives and breathes innovation. No matter what comes our way, innovation will remain constant. To sum up, our innovation in digital infrastructure centers on: breakthroughs in basic theories and algorithms; technology spillover; technical architecture; product architecture; industry pace; industry direction; and industry creation… Huawei will remain committed to innovation in digital infrastructure, create value for customers and partners on an ongoing basis, and work relentlessly to build a fully connected, intelligent world.”

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