Huawei MeeTime App latest update added Space function

Huawei has updated its video calling MeeTime application with the latest app version (HarmonyOS). The latest MeeTime app added the ” MeeTime Space” function. Huawei MeeTime supports a 1080p video call and it features high sensitivity against low light plus screen share capabilities. Check the update changelog below.

Huawei MeeTime App Update Version Changelog:


The company says in the changelog “We are born in various spaces; Sometimes the space is very large, like a square, sometimes it is very small, as small as a tree hole that only hears my own whispers; Sometimes it only belongs to me, sometimes it also belongs to us; In these spaces, you can be quiet, loud, run, and look far away; Time is the ruler of space movement; Let us here, travel time and record the beauty;

Therefore, this version update has launched the “MeeTime Space” function.

According to the introduction of the MeeTime team, through the “MeeTime Space” function, users can share mood dynamics and build exclusive group spaces. This function is similar to WeChat Moments.

Huawei MeeTime

Huawei announced in February this year that MeeTime App has officially launched on the Huawei App Market. MeeTime App is a full-scenario device communication application provided by Huawei. It provides Huawei users with all-scenario device communication applications. Audio and video calls and information exchange.

Huawei MeeTime App

Huawei MeeTime App -1


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