Huawei router AX3 Pro and AX6 gains HarmonyOS 3.0.3 update

Huawei released a firmware update to its AX3 Pro router. The February 2023 update brings version HarmonyOS and the latest OS features. Below check the latest changes.

Huawei router AX3 Pro and AX6 HarmonyOS 3.0.3 update


1. Added the function of children’s online care service card, which makes it more convenient to manage children’s online use.

2. Intelligent detection supports one-click import of floor plan data of more cities and more communities, and easily checks network coverage.

3. Optimize the memory management and CPU scheduling mechanism of multi-device Internet access scenarios to improve network stability.

4. Accurately guide the connection distance of Huawei smart home devices and routers with better signals.

Huawei AX3 Pro Update

[Update Notes]

Note that during the update process, please do not power off the router. Huawei router AX6 also pushed the HarmonyOS update, bringing the same update content.

Back in 2021 Huawei launched the AX3 Pro wireless router. It comes with four antennas and uses an independent amplifier chip. The 2.4GHz chip amplification parameter is 27dB, and the 5GHz frequency band parameter is 23.5dB.


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