Huawei router AX6 new white model goes on sale

Huawei Router AX6’s new white model goes on sale with a pre-sale price of 449 yuan. Huawei Router AX6 supports Wi-Fi6+, 7200 megabit network, 8 data streams for simultaneous data transmission, and supports the latest 4K-QAM data compression technology, increasing the speed by 140%.

It gets 1376Mbps at 2.4GHz speed, the theoretical negotiation rate at 5GHz is 5765Mbps, the total theoretical negotiation rate is 7141Mbps , and it provides 4 Ethernet interfaces with 10/100/1000M adaptive rate.

Compared with the 80MHz bandwidth, the network speed of Huawei Router AX6 new160MHz ultra-wide bandwidth is increased by nearly 100% (the same MU-MIMO number).

It is said that “even if multiple devices are connected, the network speed is still so fast.” This product also uses Huawei’s self-developed AI anti-interference technology to intelligently identify and avoid Wi-Fi co-channel interference , such as neighbor Wi-Fi, microwave ovens, induction cookers and other signal interference sources.

Huawei router AX6 news

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