Huawei says the development of autonomous driving technology with Volkswagen is not true

Earlier, 36 krypton reported that a number of people familiar with the matter, Huawei plans to form a joint venture with the global automotive giant Volkswagen Group to develop autonomous driving technology.

In response to the above information, Huawei responded to 36 Krypton saying: The news is not true. There is no official response from the public. One of the cooperation methods discussed between Huawei and Volkswagen is that “Volkswagen will contribute money to become the controlling party of the joint venture, and Huawei will mainly provide technical IP (intellectual property)”, and the technical IP provided by Huawei not only includes software technology.

Huawei issued a statement on May 24, clearly stating that “it has not invested in any car companies so far. It will not invest in any car companies in the future, let alone hold or participate in shares . In the future, all discussions will say that Huawei Making cars or taking shares in the automobile manufacturing industry are all rumors, don’t believe them.” This strategy remains unchanged.

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