Huawei second hand phone is powered by Kirin 980, HarmonyOS and starting at 1499 yuan

Earlier, Huawei announced that in order to improve the reuse of electronic products, it officially opened the second-hand phone business. Now, Huawei officially certified that phones have been strictly controlled, the phone will get a new battery, run on the HarmonyOS 2 system, one-year warranty, and more.

At that time, the flagship Huawei Mate 30 series, Huawei P30 series, and other models were the first to be officially put on the shelves, making it impossible for many mid-range users to start.

According to reports, Huawei recently launched the nova 5 Pro 4G version in second-hand certified mobile phones, which are sold in 9-new and 99-new colors. According to different storage solutions, the price varies slightly, covering the price range of 1,699 yuan-1999 yuan. The second-hand version of Nova 5 Pro is basically the same as the new version. The biggest difference is that the system is upgraded from the original EMUI to HarmonyOS 2.

In terms of hardware, nova 5 Pro uses a 6.39-inch pearl screen with a resolution of 2340×1080, front 32 million pixels, rear 48 MP+ 16 MP ultra-wide-angle + 2 MP macros + 2 MP depth of field four cameras, and the core is equipped with Kirin 980 processor, built-in battery capacity of 3500mAh.

In terms of specific prices, Huawei Nova 5 Pro 4G 90% new 8GB+128GB priced at 1499 yuan; Huawei Nova 5 Pro 4G 90% new 8GB+256GB priced at 1799 yuan; Huawei Nova 5 Pro 4G 99 new 8GB+128GB priced at 1,699 yuan; Huawei Nova 5 Pro 4G 99 new 8GB+256GB is priced at 1999 yuan.

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