Huawei shared Top 10 Trends of Digital Power

Last month on December 28, Huawei held “Top 10 Trends of Digital Power” media communication conference and on that event Mr. Zhou Taoyuan, Huawei Vice President and President of Digital Power Product Line, shared insights on the future trends of digital power. The international community has been working together to combat climate changes and on the 5th anniversary of Paris Agreement.

He mentioned that carbon neutrality is the top priority task in the world today. The energy industry will enter into the digital era because of the rapid development of digital economy and there are challenges of energy digitalization and digital economy development.

Top 10 Trends of Digital Power:

  1. Power Digitalization
  2. Green Energy for All
  3. Efficient E2E Architecture
  4. AI Boost
  5. Simple and Convergent
  6. Autonomous Driving
  7. Comprehensive and Smart Energy
  8. Intelligent ESS
  9. Super-Fast Charging
  10. Safe and Reliable

“Digital Power will move towards Simple and Convergent network, including architecture convergent, simplified form and prefabricated modules. Energy devices will become compact, lightweight and modularized.” Dr. Fang Liangzhou explained, For example; multi power systems are integrated into a unified power system. Sites are becoming smaller and smaller, and having transition from indoor to Outdoor Cabinets and Outdoor to blade power supplies. And prefabricated modular construction mode is generally used for data centers.”


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