Huawei EyeWear smart glasses a perfect built-in voice assistant: Price, Specs

Huawei EyeWear smart glasses were released in April this year alongside with the Huawei P30 Pro launch. The smart glasses series contains five models: SMART EAST MOON 01, SMART JACK BYE 01, SMART SOUTHSIDE 01, SMART ALIO 01, and SMART ALIO C1. The first two are smart sunglasses. The last three are smart optical glasses, South Side 01 is 1999 yuan, and the remaining four are 2499 yuan.

This time, the smart optical glasses, namely SMART EAST MOON 01, SMART ALIO 01 and SMART ALIO C1, are sold at the same price as before.

Huawei smart glasses features include, The antenna, charging module, dual microphone, chipset, speaker, and battery are integrated in the temples, and the frames and lenses can be replaced.

The glasses have a built-in voice assistant, and users can answer calls by double tap on the temple. EYEWEAR also has IP67 waterproof and dustproof, equipped with Bluetooth and USB-C ports, wearing state standby time of 20 hours, talk and music can reach 2.5 hours respectively.


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