Huawei Sound X getting new update (H100SP6C00)

Huawei Sound X smart speaker getting the latest update with version number (H100SP6C00). The latest update brings support for sound effect adjustment, optimizes the device wake-up rate and more.

Huawei Sound X (H100SP6C00) Changelog:

  • Support sound effect adjustment.
  • One-touch phone call.
  • Optimize the device wake-up rate.
  • Solve some known problems and optimizes product stability.
  • Support APP lyrics on display.

How to update Huawei Sound X?

  • Method 1 – via Huawei Assistant (Tell Huawei Assistant to check the new version.)
  • Method 2- via AI speaker App -> Updates

Huawei Sound X uses a fully symmetrical aesthetic design, with a speaker size of 165mm (diameter) x 203mm (height) and a weight of 3.5kg. It packs 60W subwoofers and offers 360-degree surround sound experience.

It supports the Huawei HiLink smart home connectivity toolkit, stereo pairing for connecting two units of the device, and hi-res lossless audio output support.

Huawei Sound X also comes with a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, 512 MB RAM, and 8 GB storage space. There is Bluetooth 5.0 communication onboard and 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) WLAN is supported.


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