Huawei strengthens partner-oriented B2B business

Huawei has reportedly strengthened its penetration into the Asia-Pacific market. Aiming at the Digital Transformation (DX) market. Establish a partner-centered distribution network. ASEAN and its partners are interpreted as Huawei’s plan to catch the “two rabbits” of business-to-business (B2B)-centered growth and corporate continuity.

David Wang, board member of Huawei’s board of directors and chairman of the information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure operation board, said, “We live when we unite, and we die when we are divided. Huawei’s growth is our partners’ growth, and our partners’ growth is Huawei’s growth.”

According to the information, Huawei has set the goal of securing more than 10,000 enterprise customers, millions of key partners, and more than 100 million distribution partners.

“The incentive set by 2023 for partners in the Asia Pacific region is $200 million,” said Nicholas Ma, president of Huawei’s Asia Pacific Enterprise division.

Huawei has been under US government sanctions since 2019. The US government suspected Huawei of collaborating with the Chinese government. It controlled Huawei’s trade with American companies. Foreign companies using American technology were also put under surveillance.

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The smartphone business, which had been on the rise, went downhill. Huawei’s smartphone business surpassed 200 million units in annual sales in 2018 and ranked second in global sales in 2019, but has since declined. The low-end phone brand ‘Honor’ was sold. Discontinuation of supply of Google’s Android operating system (OS) and Qualcomm’s application processor (AP) had an impact.

HiSilicon, a semiconductor design subsidiary, is also in trouble. Most of HiSilicon’s sales came from Huawei smartphones. It is also the cause that Taiwan’s TSMC, a semiconductor consignment production (foundry) company, put its hands on. Finding a TSMC-level replacement was also not easy.

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