Huawei Super Device: Modernization of your Office

Everybody wants to work in a nice space where no distraction, and work with the latest devices and technologies. Now mobile offices and online conferences people more like to prefer.

Sometimes noisy space and limited tools to work are less productive but Huawei super device help to resolve this problem with new techniques.

HUAWEI Super Device: Connect to other devices

If you have several Huawei devices like MateBook D 16 or & MateBook 16s a HUAWEI smartphone, a tablet, or other products, HUAWEI  super device enables you to establish cross-device collaboration after that all devices act as one and increase performance than before.

After that, your other devices’ interfaces are displayed on the laptop screen. This connection enables you to access other HUAWEI device apps on your laptop.

This is very useful for those who need to work from multiple sources simultaneously. HUAWEI  super device really saves you a lot of time from switching screens. Once the connection is established then next time devices connect to each other automatically.

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Easy to share

  1. When we need to transfer a large number of data from a phone to a laptop this device do that easily by drag and drop.
  2. HUAWEI super device also allows you to make a change in phone data using laptop software and save them on phone directly.

Amplify voice experience

  1. During phone calls in noisy places, we can’t understand the caller’s voice and it’s hard to respond, this problem solve by HUAWEI Smart Office with a smart conference solution and AI sound.
  2. It includes four mic support and 360-degree sound pick-up from five-meter far away. It also disappears mouse and keyboards clicking sounds while online conference meetings.
  3. If listeners is far away from the microphone while meeting they hear the voice clearly without any break.

MateBook D 16 or & MateBook 16s increase the reading experience of big and complex files with a large screen. Both devices are portable and lightweight.

Using these devices is not any trouble for the eyes and they also protect our eyes through TÜV Rheinland low blue light certification for those users whose screen time is more.

All the features of Huawei devices help us to increase productivity and these gadgets enable us to give you a very nice environment to work efficiently.

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