Huawei surpassed Samsung as the largest Smartphone Maker in April 2020 globally

The Global smartphone shipments fell by 41% year-on-year in April 2020. Counterpoint released a report showing that global smartphone shipments in April were 69.37 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 41%.

Among them, Samsung’s mobile phone market share was about 19.1%, and Huawei reached about 21.4%, Huawei has surpassed Samsung for the first time in history and successfully reached the top position in the world. In 2016, Yu Chengdong expressed Huawei’s confidence to become the world’s number one within five years.

Huawei achieved this position because the Chinese consumers purchased the company’s products ever since the ban was imposed by the US government. In China, the company has been doing exceptionally well in the past few quarters.

According to Samsung’s speculation, the Samsung mobile phone lost to Huawei this time because Samsung, which has a large market in India, has closed its city due to health incidents, leading to a sharp decline in sales of Samsung mobile phones in India.



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