Huawei takes the lead in establishing the SparkLink Alliance, with more than 140 members

According to the introduction of “Huawei Smart Car Solutions”, up to now, there are more than 140 member units of the SparkLink Alliance, including many well-known domestic Internet manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OV, Lenovo, and HONOR.

The A-share companies involved are Datang Gaohong, NavInfo, Oufeiguang, Goertek, Guokewei, Beidouxingtong, Qi Anxin, China Telecom, and so on.

Car companies that have already joined include Changan, Great Wall, Geely, SAIC and Dongfeng . The SparkLink Alliance is led by Huawei and was established on September 22, 2020. It is an industrial alliance dedicated to globalization. The goal is to promote the innovation and industrial ecology of the new generation of wireless short-range communication technology SparkLink, which carries smart cars, smart homes, and smarts.

At the “2021 Huawei Smart Car Solutions Ecological Forum”, Huawei officially announced the “SparkLink Technology”, which can meet the short-distance wireless connection needs of smart cars, smart terminals, smart manufacturing, and smart homes.

With the rise of intelligent driving, the number of car controllers has increased, leading to the increase in the amount and cost of wiring harnesses, and the corresponding increase in carbon emissions.

In terms of audio signal transmission, wireless projection of car machines and mobile devices, multi-camera image transmission outside the car, and wireless BMS battery management system. The SparkLink Alliance is an alliance group established to unify standards, promote sustainable development, and establish a complete system.

Huawei takes the lead in establishing the SparkLink Alliance Huawei takes the lead in establishing the SparkLink Alliance-1 Huawei takes the lead in establishing the SparkLink Alliance-2

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