Huawei unveils its latest mobile phone design patent, full-screen smartphone coming?

According to the latest information, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. recently published two “mobile phone” design patents, with the publication numbers CN306350871S and CN306350870S.

The patent with publication number CN306350871S shows that there is no hole for the camera as well as no lifting camera found on the top middle frame, which seems to be a true full-screen design.

Huawei Patent Application CN306350871S

Judging from the design drawing of the smartphone back, the upper part and the lower part are spliced ​​together. The color and material are different. The upper part is glass or metal, and the lower part is plain leather. Concerning the imaging system, the matrix imaging system is adopted, which is considered to be Huawei’s gene, and is quite similar to the P series. Of course, the most interesting point is the entire front screen, without any openings, and very neat. Is this Huawei’s under-screen camera solution? Blind guessing is a mid-range product.

Huawei Patent Application Number CN306350870S

The patent with publication number CN306350870S, from the front, is equipped with a dual-hole hyperboloid screen; the back uses a porthole-like design, the color of the camera part is different from the overall body; the patent does not disclose the specific lens Layout, from the design point of view, which product do you think is more similar?

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