Huawei: Valencia welcomes top female talent

In Valencia, Spain, a gathering of top female talent took place this week as the city hosted the fourth edition of the Schools for Female Leadership in the Digital Age program by Huawei. The program is scheduled to empower young female leaders and drive Europe towards an inclusive and sustainable digital future.

From 29 European countries, the 29 students participating in the program bring diverse backgrounds spanning various fields such as engineering, biotechnology, humanities, and social sciences. However, their shared aspiration is to make a meaningful difference. These students were selected by an independent jury and were awarded full Huawei scholarships to attend the School.

Students were welcomed by the School’s Director, Berta Herrero, Head of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion at Huawei Europe, who said: “I am proud to have my home country Spain hosting this life-changing program. Women from all across Europe are meeting here to become the leaders this world needs – and when they reach leadership positions, they will remember that everything started here, in Spain, at our European Leadership Academy. Throughout this week, we will equip them with the tools and skills needed to be at the forefront of the digital revolution. My message to them is clear: talent is power. Femininity is power. Technology is power. Combine the three and let the power of your skills, ambition and determination make you succeed.”

Tony Yong Jin, Huawei’s Vice-President of the European Region, said: “We are delighted to be holding our 2023 Summer School in Spain, just days before the start of the Spanish Presidency of the EU. Huawei is an integral part of the European Innovation Ecosystem, and a reliable partner in the green and digital transitions. We believe that innovation cannot be generated alone, by one single person, one single company or one single country. All of our successes cannot be achieved without openness and collaboration. We have to be open to understand each other’s strengthens and collaborate for a better future.”

Huawei Valencia welcomes top female talent

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