Huawei Video announces partnership with Vivendi’s Dailymotion

Huawei Video and Vivendi’s Dailymotion video platform on Tuesday announced a partnership to offer international and local video content, as Huawei continues its plans to increase its presence in France and Europe.

The companies said in a joint statement that Huawei Video would integrate the video player of Dailymotion – whose main rival is YouTube – in its application.

As of now Huawei customers are not allowed to use Google services, for that Huawei has to develop its own apps. A partnership with the French firm will also have its reliance on US-based firms reduced even further.

Eminently, the Chinese organization had additionally built its first European assembling plant in France. Thus, it appears that Huawei anticipates pushing ahead in the locale paying little mind to the approvals and weights from the US Government.



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