Huawei Video App Public beta version added HarmonyOS service card and more

Huawei has recently released a new beta version for the Petal Mail and the company has started rolling out the public beta version for the Huawei Video with a size of 144.5MB.

Huawei Video is a high-quality mobile video client tailored for users. It aims to provide Huawei users with a high-quality video viewing experience. A large number of feature film and television content such as dramas, hot dramas, exclusive documentaries, etc. Taking advantage of the technical advantages of Huawei’s platform terminals, it provides users with the ultimate movie viewing experience such as saving data flow, low power consumption, and perfect picture quality.

Huawei Video App Public beta version changelog:

1. Huawei videos support side-by-side playback.

2. Added Hongmeng (HarmonyOS) service card, you can see the service card in the menu that pops up by long-pressing the icon.

3. Huawei video source video supports multi-device screen playback capability. There are multiple devices above Hongmeng 2.0 (supporting 2~3 units), log in to the HUAWEI ID and under the same WIFI, you can select “More” –> “Extended Screen Viewing” in the upper right corner of the playback window, and select other mobile phones do multi-screen playback.

4. Video details After selecting a collection, clip, and tidbit, the selection will scroll to the middle position, and the selection effect will be more obvious.

5. For movies that require a single purchase, you can download the app on the details page (under the playback window) (the related apps have not been downloaded locally) to get movie tickets to watch for free, such as “The Grandmaster” and “Space Traveler”.

6. Support setting to switch to background automatic small window playback, which can be set in My-“Settings-“Playback Settings area.

7. When entering the local video in the Huawei video portal, you can set whether to scan and display the content in the .nomedia folder (some video directories downloaded by third-party applications will have a .nomedia folder).

8. When the local video file name of Huawei Video Portal is too long, the full name can be displayed in a super long floating frame.

9. Earn V Beans by downloading the app in the V Bean Center. When you click on the app to download, the download button will increase the progress display, and support the continue and pause functions.

10. The live broadcast barrage supports anonymous sending, test live broadcast: Homepage – “Long-term Live Test 2021” under Live Test Channel 1.

Huawei Video App Public beta version


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