Huawei Video getting public beta update

Huawei Video users claimed that the company has started public beta testing for a new version, with a download size of 133.6MB.

According to the official introduction, Huawei Video is a high-quality mobile video client tailored for users. It aims to provide Huawei users with a high-quality video viewing experience, covering Tencent Video Zone, Youku Zone, Mango Zone, Hollywood Movies, and domestic and foreign cinemas.

Huawei Video Test Information:

1. The featured channel on the homepage has been revised and optimized. For example, the new TV series hit list, movie hit list and other columns, the shortcut entry on the right side of the search box is adjusted.

2. The bottom member navigation page has been revised and optimized. For example, adding a special area TAB page display, adding a daily check-in, adding a hot list column, etc.

3. My page revision optimization. For example, the style of the new member product column and the adjustment of the entrance position of some functions.

4. Details page adjustment and optimization.

5. Member movies support app download incentives to watch for free, test movies such as Siberian Tiger, Manslaughter 2, Wolf Warrior 2, Captain China, King Kong Chuan, Richest Man in Xihong City, Yaobai. Non-member users who meet the conditions will display the free watch button.

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[Public testing guidance]

1. Install the public beta version and confirm that the installed version number is

2. Due to testing needs, there will be some test channels, test columns, test videos, test advertisements, etc. in the version. Please pay attention to the correctness and experience of the functions.

3. When submitting a question, a log attachment will be generated. If there are many log files, it may be slower to generate an attachment. Please describe as detailed as possible, with screenshots/screen recordings, and logs when submitting questions. Unclear descriptions and missing logs cannot be considered valid issues.

4. After the public test is over, you can continue to use the public test version and upgrade it after the official version is launched on the app market.

Huawei Video getting public beta update

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