Huawei VR head-mounted display patent is now authorized

We are in the era of new technologies, in fact, we’re already seeing signs of a new era with the latest gadgets and technologies that much leading company is working for. Coming to Virtual Reality, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. obtained the patent authorization of “a head-mounted display and virtual reality system”, the announcement number is CN111694152B, and the date of the application was March 2019.

Threw this patent, the company will work on the field of virtual reality technology, which can reduce the pressure on the head of the user when the user wears the head-mounted display.

According to the patent abstract, the head-mounted display (VR) includes a head-mounted display main body and a first magnetic structure fixed to the head-mounted display main body, and the first magnetic structure is configured to be independent of the head-mounted display. The second magnetic structure attracts or repels, so that the head-mounted display receives an upward magnetic force. The head-mounted display provided in the embodiment of this application is used in a virtual reality system.

Huawei VR head-mounted display patent is now authorized


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