Huawei Watch 3 series update to support family space, emergency contact and more

Huawei has officially stated that Huawei’s WATCH 3 series has been upgraded to support family space functions, two new functions, “location sharing” and “family emergency contact” have been launched.

Huawei Watch 3 Series Update: Family Space

Huawei said that by joining the family space, you can always know the health status of your family. After the follower authorizes and agrees, the follower can view the location sharing.

Follower operation: Mobile phone invites to enter the family space (Sports and Health App> members to supervise each other to share health> invite to enter the family space).

Followed person operation: Authorized to join the family space on the mobile phone (Sports and Health App> mutual supervision of members to share health> members> agree to enter the family space).

Follower operation: Request location permission on the mobile phone (click on the profile picture of the followed member> view TA’s location> request location sharing authorization).

Followed person operation: The mobile phone and the watch agree to the authorization of location sharing.

Follower operation: Set emergency family contact for TA on the mobile phone (Member> Set emergency family contact for TA).

Followed person operation: The mobile phone authorizes the family emergency contact application (family emergency contact invitation> invitation card view details> accept invitation).

Add TA as an emergency contact (go to add> search for the contact information of the inviter to add as an emergency contact> select “Added, Next”).

After adding emergency contacts, select commonly used devices and successfully receive family invitations. Followers can receive calls for help in real time, and accurately query the location of the follower.

Huawei Watch 3 series family space Huawei Watch 3 series update family space


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