Huawei will launch innovative MED storage products in 2025

The President of Huawei’s data storage product line Dr. Zhou Yuefeng introduced the new generation OceanStor Arctic magnetoelectric storage solution designed for warm data (Warm Data) and cold data (Cold Data) at MWC 2024.

As per the official description, the cost of this solution is 20% lower than that of magnetic tape, and its power consumption is 90% lower than that of hard disk. Huawei spokesperson also revealed information about the magnetoelectric storage solution.

Huawei’s magneto-electronic disk (MED) is a major innovation in magnetic storage media. The first generation of MED is mainly a large-capacity hard disk, with a rack capacity of more than 10 PB and a power consumption of less than 2 kW.

For the first generation of MED, we mainly positioned it as archival storage. We plan to release it in overseas markets in the first half of 2025.

No other information about MED products is currently known, as this is a brand new technology. Huawei said in its statement that this is a “disk” rather than a “hard drive”, meaning it is likely to rotate, have tracks and read and write heads.

4U storage servers such as ASRock Rack 4U100-C612 can accommodate 100 3.5-inch hard drives and can store up to 3PB of data, but the power consumption is 1kW.

Huawei will launch innovative MED storage products in 2025

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