Huawei will release car-related products on April 20, hosted by Yu Chengdong

According to the latest information, Huawei will hold a press conference at Huawei’s global flagship store in Shanghai on April 20. Huawei’s consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong will host this press conference.

The whole conference will be based on cars, which is going to be cooperation with car companies. The conference will be broadcast live online at the same time.

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BAIC Polar Fox Alpha S was officially released on April 17. The Huawei HI version of the car is equipped with a smart car solution provided by Huawei, with a computing power of up to 400 TOPs.

The Polar Fox Alpha S Huawei HI version model is not only equipped with the Huawei HI solution, but also the first smart electric vehicle equipped with the Huawei Lidar solution.

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Alpha S Huawei HI version, its biggest highlight is that it is equipped with Huawei’s automatic driving technology. It has reached a level where the vehicle can judge the road conditions and drive by itself in the whole process.

The Alpha S Huawei HI version will be equipped with 3 96-wire car-gauge lidars, 6-millimeter wave radars, 12 cameras, 13 ultrasonic radars, and a Huawei chip with a computing power of up to 352Tops. In addition, the Hongmeng OS smart interconnected kit was developed for car-machine interaction, supporting up to 24 application ecosystems, including Changlian Call, Gaode, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music, etc., with interactive applications higher than mobile phones to reach people Car interaction integration.


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