Huawei will start 5G equipment factory in France in 2023

The Chinese giant has announced the construction of a 5G equipment factory in eastern France and this is Huawei’s first 5G equipment-related factory outside of China – according to the French Radio International.

Huawei stated at a press conference held on January 26 that the plant will be put into production in 2023, launching the first mobile communication base station equipment and providing technical equipment for 5G in Europe.

To recall, Huawei’s French base station equipment factory is situated in the Brumath business district of Alsace in Strasbourg, eastern France that is located in the city of Haguenau (Haguenau) from Strasbourg, the destination is only 20 kilometers away.

Huawei’s plant has an investment of 200 million euros. In the future, it plans to hire 300 to 500 workers to mainly produce wireless communication equipment, especially to provide equipment for 5G base stations in Europe.


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