Huawei Win11 MateBook 16 Ryzen Edition is on sale in China

Recently, the Chinese tech giant Huawei launched the Win11 MateBook 16 Ryzen Edition notebook, and the price is lower than last year’s starting price. This laptop will go on sale on March 15, starting at 5,799 yuan.

To recall last year, in May, Huawei officially released the MateBook 16 equipped with an AMD standard processor, which can release up to 54W of performance. In terms of screen, the laptop uses a 16-inch 3:2 ratio 2.5K resolution (2520×1680), 1.07 billion colors, and supports dual eye protection functions.

In other respects, the MateBook 16 has a large-size dual fan and a high-density innovative hinge design cooling system (air intake and exhaust at the hinge at the same time), 2mm heat pipe, supports 135W fast charging and can achieve 12.5 hours of battery life.

Configuration and Price:

R5 5600H + 16GB + 512GB: 5799 yuan

R7 5800H + 16GB + 512GB: 6299 yuan

Windows 11 MateBook 16 Ryzen Edition-1

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