Huawei’s AR Map v1.1.0.300 lets Mate 30 Series owners navigate in augmented reality

Huawei AR Map has now been updated to version, the latest update brings new features like commenting on popular locations, optimizing the visual design of homepage icons and hotspot introduction pages, and opening testing of the small Lujiazui area.

Previously the Huawei’s AR Map app support only P40 series phones and now the Mate 30 Series also joined the race.  Huawei AR Map is based on Huawei’s Cyberverse technology and is committed to creating an “earth-class, evolving, and seamlessly integrated digital new world”. Here, the boundary between the digital virtual world and the real world is lost.

The entire real world becomes a panel for information display. Various real-time information is superimposed and displayed in the real environment you are currently in, allowing you to easily find the legendary Internet celebrity. Check-in points, the nearest bathroom, and interesting stories that happened in time and space.

The entire real world becomes a paradise where you can play, and the real world is the birthplace of your endless fun. The Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes and the Bund of Nanjing Road are the first batch of open beta services on Huawei AR Maps.

Huawei AR Map Update Changelog:

1) Add a new hot spot comment function, you are welcome to post star ratings and content comments on the places you visit;
2) Optimize the visual design of the homepage icon to bring you a better experience;
3) Optimize the hot spot introduction page for you Provide more relevant information about popular places;
4) The small area of ​​Lujiazui is open for testing.


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