Patent: Huawei’s foldable phone with sub-display and stylus pen

Huawei’s upcoming foldable phone patent images show that it folds inwards and has a sub-display and stylus pen. According to the LetsGoDigital report, In May 2019, Huawei Technologies filed a design patent with the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration) and it was approved and published on August 14, 2020.

There are a total of 23 product images are included, one of which is a clear color render. The patent images show a Huawei foldable phone that folds inward. Following the Mate Xs design Huawei again opts for a sidebar, which offers space for a double selfie camera and a connected sub-display.

This side-bar with sub-display is placed to the left of the flexible screen and remains accessible when the phone is folded. The latest patent also shows that this new folding smartphone will be equipped with a stylus pen, also called M Pen by Huawei.

Huawei's foldable phone with sub-display and stylus pen image

As with the Mate Xs, the side-bar protrudes slightly in terms of thickness, compared to the flexible screen – this is partly due to the stylus compartment and the cameras. If you put the appliance flat on the table, the sidebar will be about twice as thick.

Huawei's foldable phone with sub-display and stylus pen

There is a quad-camera setup on the back which is vertically placed in the top right corner. We are not sure whether this is actually the model that Huawei will present around October remains unclear. Stay tuned for more.

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