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Huawei’s new flip folding screen patent revealed

flip folding screen patent

WIPO exposed the patent for the new foldable mobile phone design that Huawei applied for. The patent shows that Huawei presents a new foldable solution. Unlike the Mate X fold, the solution uses up and down folding, and the middle of the phone has a hinge, similar to a traditional flip phone.

The patent, registered by HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD and published in the Hague Bulletin no. 46/2019 reveals a vertical folding design patent by Huawei with at least three cameras at the back. The phone will have a single display on the inside that folds with the help of a hinge.

Up and down folds and left and right folds are two kinds of folding screen ideas. The former is a full-screen mobile phone form after deployment, and the latter is a tablet form.

In contrast, the former has the advantage of being portable, and its size is smaller and easier to carry after folding, while the latter has the advantage of a large screen.


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