Huawei’s next-gen Ultra-thin flexible glass has been ordered for foldable phone

According to the information, Huawei and Xiaomi have recently ordered the ultra-thin flexible glass. As of now, Samsung has used the ultra-thin glass for the Galaxy Z Flip. In the future, the foldable devices demand for ultra-thin flexible glass is gradually increasing.

Ultra-thin flexible glass (UTG) to be described as the optimized version of the polyimide film (CPI). The first generation of foldable smartphones (Samsung Galaxy Fold / Huawei Mate X) uses polyimide (CPI) film. However, UTG is more durable, stronger, thinner, and more flexible.

Apart from this information, there is no more news about the next generation of Mate X/MIX Alpha, we believe that the performance of the next foldable mobile phone/foldable screen mobile phone will be higher.

Ultra-thin flexible glass Huawei next gen foldable phone

Huawei 2nd gen foldable series device

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