Jingdong (JD) shopping app HarmonyOS version now available in the AppGallery

Huawei AppGallery added the HarmonyOS version of the Jindong (JD) application, it is a mobile shopping app, which provides facilities such as product search, purchase, payment services, order query, logistics tracking, order evaluation, repair and more.

Additionally hot promotions including Jingdong spikes, daily specials, brand flash sales, coupons, limited-time full discounts. Also, a lot of discounts on Life Assistants: Jingdong Supermarket, Jingdong Daojia, recharge and payment, Jingdong Travel, and Jingdong Fresh.

Huawei has launched the new HarmonyOS Edition of Jingdong App on AppGallery. The app description shows that it includes the service of HarmonyOS.

Jingdong App HarmonyOS Version Image Jingdong App HarmonyOS

Last December, Huawei P40 equipped with HarmonyOS beta had pre-installed Jindong (Internal beta version) app designed for the HarmonyOS.

The leaked pictures at the time showed the product page information of the Jingdong App. The app shows listing such as computers, tablets, TVs, etc., giving full play to the advantages of the distributed architecture of the Hongmeng system, enabling seamless collaborative experience across terminals.


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