Huawei applied for the Good Hope trademark

According to information, Huawei has applied a trademark application for “Good Hope”. The international classification involves design research, advertising sales, and scientific instruments. The current trademark status is on process.

“Good Hope” is the Chinese brand of HoloSens launched by Huawei Machine Vision. It provides software-defined cameras (HoloSens SDC), intelligent video storage (HoloSens IVS), Huawei Good Hope Cloud services for transportation, parks, education, and other industries. (HoloSens Cloud Service).

Good Hope Trademark

The use of the trademark “Good Hope” is unknown. Judging from the name, it should be taken from the “Cape of Good Hope” in the southwestern tip of Africa.

The Cape of Good Hope was the channel used by Western explorers to go to the rich east in the early years, so it was renamed the Cape of Good Hope. Before the Suez Canal was opened for navigation, ships traveling between Asia and Europe passed the Cape of Good Hope.

Good Hope Huawei



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