July 4, 2022: Huawei Whole House Smart 2.0 official announcement

Huawei has officially shared a confirmation detail of the Whole House Smart 2.0 event. According to the official post, Huawei will launch several new products on July 4 including Nova 10 Series and more.

Recently, Huawei held the 2022 Huawei whole-house smart and full-scene new product spring conference. Yu Chengdong brought the whole-house smart new products, starting from 39,999 yuan for a typical 80-square-meter apartment (2 bedrooms and 1 hall).

Huawei’s whole house smart host SE realizes the serialization of the host, reduces the user’s cost of use, and achieves coverage of more households. Its volume is reduced by 95%, and it is flexible enough to match the central control panel, which can be installed on the screen, and can become a host with a screen.

At the same time, a maximum of 128 PLC devices are supported, and the PLC connection supports local control of disconnection. In addition, security sensor interfaces, property intercom system interfaces and interactive panel interfaces are added to realize the connection between the home smart center and the interactive core.

Huawei Whole House Intelligence also applies millimeter-wave sensing technology in the field of intelligent driving to the home. The new AI super-sensing sensor has higher sensing accuracy and more comprehensive sensing capabilities. Compared with traditional infrared human motion sensors, the former can It detects human body micro-movements as small as a few tenths of a millimeter, and is not affected by environmental conditions such as temperature, dust, and light sources. It can achieve more accurate human posture determination and realize different smart scenarios.


Huawei said, “Huawei Whole House Smart has 1,900+ partners and 4,500+ smart items to build a rich Hongmeng Zhilian ecosystem; 500 stores will be built across the country in 2022, and Huawei’s whole-house smart devices will be accessible and easy to own.”

Huawei Whole House Smart 2.0 official announcement

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