New Mate 50 Pro XMAGE filter brings Classic, Vivid and Bright

Huawei Mate 50 Pro comes with great capabilities. The smartphone comes with XMAGE camera technology, Variable Aperture, 200x Zoom and Emergency Mode.

Mate 50 Pro Top Features

XMage Camera technology: According to Huawei, this new technology welcomes a brand new imaging system with Light, and computing to produce mind-blowing photography.

For the past years, Huawei leading the way in a lot of innovative cameras featuring the latest camera of the Mate 50 Pro clearly shows that Huawei has done something really cool with their camera.

New Mate 50 Pro XMAGE filters are here, Classic, Vivid and Bright

New Mate 50 Pro XMAGE filters

Variable Aperture: Huawei brings variable aperture back in the Mate 50 Series. It adjusts to allow a certain amount of light to hit the camera lens. It expands more to take in more lights when there is low lighting condition around.

200x Zoom: Huawei Mate 50 Pro features an independent 64MP camera with a whooping 200x zoom capability.

Satellite Communication: A revolutionary feature is now available in the Mate 50 Pro. With the Huawei Mate 50 Pro, if you stuck somewhere in critical condition now all-new satellite feature will help you to get recover from that place.

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