Not only Mate 40 like phone, TD Tech next product list includes P series, MatePad and more

Recently, the TD Tech N8 Pro smartphone comes to light and was said to be powered with Huawei’s Kirin 985 5G. Its biggest highlight is that it is equipped with the Kirin 5G chip, which is rare in Huawei’s own and has complete 5G specifications. The smartphone is a copy of Huawei’s Mate 40 phone.

TD Tech next product list includes P series, Nova series

According to the Weibo users, this company can get Kirin chips and similar Huawei- designed models. In this regard, TD Tech’s internal staff has explained that the current mobile phone product components are indeed purchased from Huawei, but the brand of the finished mobile phone is TD Tech.

It is worth noting that today the blogger exposed TD Tech’s product planning roadmap, which shows that TD Tech’s internally planned products are far more than these.

TD Tech next product list includes P series, Nova series and more

According to the picture, TD Tech can also customize Mate series, P series, Nova series, as well as WATCH GT series watches, bracelet series, even large-screen MatePad series, and smart screen series.

More importantly, TD Tech can purchase Huawei’s 5G Kirin chip and can freely equip it with 5G technology. This means that TD Tech is likely to launch a “complete body” in the future. The P50 series mobile phones can be equipped with Kirin 9000 series 5G chips and support 5G connections, making up for the regrets in the hearts of many users.


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