openEuler 22.09 official version released with 20.12 million lines of new code

The official version of the openEuler, openEuler 22.09 is now released. It is the latest innovative version built by the community, releasing diversified computing power, deepening innovation in all scenarios, and realizing the integration of Euler and HarmonyOS.

openEuler version 22.09 has 670 million lines of code, 20.12 million lines of new code, 48,000 lines of original code to the kernel, and more than 12,000 northbound source code packages, with a total of 20.12 million lines of new code 28087.

There are a total of 1265 developers joined in the version contribution of openEuler 22.09. According to the information as compared with the previous version, the number of developers who participated in the version contribution increased by 63%.

openEuler 22.09 official version

openEuler 22.09 also has positive contributions from nearly 400 companies in the community, including Huawei, Kirin Software, Tongxin Software, Runhe Software, Institute of Software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tolinsi, Kirin Principal, China Unicom, SUSE, Loongson Zhongke, Intel, Ultrasonic Fusion, Wuxi Advanced Technology Research Institute, Puhua Basic Software and other companies and research institutes.


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