OpenHarmony Github mirror library is officially launched

According to the official news, the open-source project OpenHarmony Github mirror library has been officially launched. The web address is With more than 40 million registered users and 190 million codebases (including at least 28 million open source code bases), GitHub is the world’s largest code hosting platform. Developers can download the OpenHarmony mirror library code from Github through the following repo command.

OpenHarmony Github mirror library

Method one:

Download via repo + ssh (Public key registration is required, please refer to the GitHub Help Center)

repo init – u git@github . com : openharmony / manifest . git – b master – no – repo – verify
repo sync – c
FORALL the repo – C ‘LFS Git pull’

Methoda two:

Download via repo + https

the init the repo – U HTTPS : // -b-Master –no the repo-Verify
the repo Sync – C
FORALL the repo – C ‘LFS Git pull’

The main library address of OpenHarmony code is still hosted at Gitee (

Through Github Actions and automated scripts, the OpenHarmony Github mirror warehouse updates the code regularly from the Gitee main library at 23:00 UTC every day, so that overseas developers can access and download the OpenHarmony open source code through Github. The Github mirror library does not directly process issues and PRs. Issues and PRs submitted by developers on Github will be automatically closed. Please visit the OpenHarmony Gitee main library directly to submit issues and PRs.

OpenHarmony Github mirror library-1

OpenHarmony website (recommended for domestic users to visit) (recommended for overseas users to visit)

OpenHarmony main library organization address

OpenHarmony SIG organization address

OpenHarmony third party library organization address

OpenHarmony online communication platform

OpenHarmony Community Contribution Guide

OpenHarmony Dev mailing list

[email protected]

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