Phone Freezing issue – Huawei will launch a system cloud refurbishment feature for older devices

Once a device becomes older it starts the problem of freezing, and many users are often troubled by it. According to the information, Huawei will launch a “system cloud refurbishment” feature for old mobile phones, which can solve the problem of mobile phone freezes in three steps.

As we all know, the biggest advantage of the Android ecosystem is open source, but this can easily lead to serious system fragmentation. The more apps installed on the phone and the longer the usage time, the more obvious the stuck phenomenon will be.

In 2015, Huawei Mate 8 launched the file defragmentation function of the EMUI system. Greatly improve the anti-aging durability of the Android mobile phone system.

Meanwhile, Huawei’s current HarmonyOS has a smart space cleaning algorithm that can complete the in-depth cleaning and optimization of the file system without affecting user operations.

Huawei system cloud refurbishment

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