Quick info about Huawei MateView GT – First Gaming Monitor

Huawei has officially launched its first gaming monitor, the HUAWEI MateView GT. The MateView GT features a curved ultra-wide display that supports a 165Hz refresh rate along with the innovative integrated SoundBar. Having this at your home or office will change the gaming experience.

As per history concerned, Huawei MateView GT is Huawei’s first curved monitor. The display comes with a 34-inch screen with a 21:9 ratio and a resolution of 3440×1440. For games and editing, it has a DCI-P3 color space. Huawei MateView GT has a 165Hz refresh rate, it will help with smoother and clearer visuals for the user, but also reduces eye strain.

Huawei MateView GT Info

HUAWEI MateView GT features Dark Field Control for gaming scenarios. By adjusting the screen brightness in low light and overexposed scenes, it can help players locate opponents quickly. In addition, the screen has the Sight feature specially designed for FPS games. Even when the scope of the gun is closed during the game, the HUAWEI MateView GT provides players with a scope, helping them to aim and shoot easily.

As the HUAWEI MateView GT is Huawei’s first gaming monitor which offers excellent performance for both gaming and entertainment. It has an On-Screen Display menu, the HUAWEI MateView GT makes monitor interaction easier than ever thanks to a five-way joystick located under its lower bezel.


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