Ren Zhengfei commented on Meng Wanzhou’s open letter

On December 2, Meng Wanzhou issued an open letter. The letter said that this year, I have experienced fear and pain, disappointment and helplessness, torment and struggle. This year, I learned to be strong, to face calmly, not to be afraid of the unknown. On the same Ren Zhengfei commented on Meng Wanzhou’s open letter, here are the details.

Ren Zhengfei said that he didn’t read the letter but only read the title. He thought it was inappropriate. Feelings. In the normal course of history, hardships will be heroes. The hardships that Meng Wanzhou experienced will also greatly enhance her will, which is a great asset to her. ”

In an interview, Ren Zhengfei once again responded to the question of whether Meng Wanzhou would be succeeded. ” Leaders of a technology company like Huawei must have strong strategic insight. It may take insight into the next ten, twenty or even more years to judge the direction of society or the company’s development. Therefore, there is no insight People, it is difficult to lead this company. ”

He said that for a technology company like Huawei, leaders need a deep technical background. “Meng Wanzhou returned to continue to be a CFO, of course, this CFO will be stronger.”

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