State Grid signed a contract with Huawei on a new-generation charging network

According to the latest information, at the “2021 World New Energy Vehicle Conference (WNEVC)” co-organized by China Society of Automotive Engineering, China Association for Science and Technology and Hainan Provincial People’s Government in Haikou City, Hainan Province Convened. State Grid signed a contract with Huawei on a new-generation charging network.

Regarding the “climbing” action of the new generation of charging networks, Jia Junguo, chairman of the State Grid Smart Energy Transportation Technology Innovation Center (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., introduced that the action achieved three goals: the ultimate charging experience, efficient operation efficiency, and friendliness.The interaction between the vehicle and the network, the realization path is technology + standard two-wheel drive .

Kuang Ping, general manager of the smart charging field of Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out that the current charging infrastructure has three shortcomings, including fast charging not fast enough, slow charging not wide enough, and construction not enough. All parties need to work together to match the development needs of EVs. In the next step, Huawei will integrate digital technology and power electronics technology with State Grid to enable smart charging and help achieve the “climbing” plan.

The release of this “climbing” action is just a starting point. In the next step, State Grid Electric Vehicle Company, together with Huawei and other partners in the industry, will jointly build an efficient and intelligent next-generation charging network to promote the high-quality development of my country’s new energy vehicle industry.

State Grid signed a contract with Huawei


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