The few places where you can still buy a Huawei phone in the US

The Microsoft Store and Walmart have recently stopped selling Huawei devices, and Adorama, a smaller operation, recently delisted them from showing up via search in its online store.

You can find the Huawei P30 Pro, coveted for its low-light photography chops, starting at $819.99. If you’re nostalgic for the Huawei-made Nexus 6P, you’ll find plenty of preowned options on eBay, too.

Before you checkout, you’ll have the option to add a warranty from SquareTrade.

Amazon offers several Huawei phones, ranging from affordable ones, like the Huawei Mate SE (currently $219.99) and the Honor 8X (currently $209), to a few of the company’s more expensive flagship phones, like the Huawei P30 (currently $574).

This NYC-based retailer still sells Huawei phones, tablets, and laptops online. For phones, B&H Photo’s selection is focused on Huawei’s recent P30 series.

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