Microsoft has stopped working with Huawei to stop accepting new orders

According to Hong Kong’s “South China Morning Post” news, informed sources revealed that Microsoft will follow the example of Google and stop accepting new orders from Huawei. 

At present, Microsoft ‘s service team for Huawei has moved out of its headquarters in Shenzhen.

And Huawei suspended cooperation vendors summary:

1. ARM suspends business with Huawei

2. British telecom operator EE announced that it will enable 5G services next week and does not support Huawei 5G mobile phones.

3. British telecom operator Vodafone suspends Huawei 5G mobile phone pre-order

4, Japan’s three major telecommunications companies announced the suspension of the sale of Huawei P30 mobile phones

5. Some telecommunications companies in Taiwan will not sell after selling Huawei inventory.

6, Microsoft Shopping Mall under the Huawei notebook

7. Google decided to suspend support for Huawei’s business (the ban is delayed for 90 days)

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