Universal Music and Huawei Music copyright deal is now completed

According to the information, Huawei Music and Universal Music China announced that they have reached a copyright cooperation agreement. Universal’s massive music library resources have been launched on the Huawei Music App.

Huawei previously announced a strategic cooperation with Universal Music on June 9. The signing of this agreement marks the first time the two parties have reached authorized cooperation in mainland China. The current copyrights of Universal Music Pack include: Alan Tam, Jacky Cheung, Teresa Teng, Leslie Cheung, Priscilla Chan, Eason Chan and other Chinese singers, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and other European and American singers, as well as Lang Lang, Hisaishi Joe, Andre Bocelli, etc. Classical musician and singer.

“This cooperation between Huawei and Universal Music is an important milestone in building a full-scenario audio ecosystem. The two parties will use this cooperation to accelerate the development of high-quality content. Innovation in distribution and experience, together to explore greater business value.” said Zhang Pingan, Senior Vice President of Huawei, CEO of Huawei Cloud, President of Consumer Cloud Services.

Universal Music and Huawei Music

“I am very pleased that Universal Music China and Huawei Music have reached the first copyright authorization cooperation. The cooperation between the two parties not only means that the massive high-quality content of Universal Music will reach the vast number of Huawei users, and it will focus on the Huawei smart device ecosystem. There are even more opportunities for in-depth exploration. We look forward to working with the Huawei Music team to promote model innovation, enhance service experience, and create a successful partnership.” said Wu Jialun, Managing Director of Universal Music China.

The Huawei Music App is currently available not only on Huawei phones, but also on other Android phones, but requires downloading the HMS Core component. The membership of Huawei Music is divided into two levels, VIP membership is 12 yuan per month, and Super Music VIP is 15 yuan per month.



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