Vodafone announces removal of Huawei equipment from 5G

Vodafone announced that it will begin removing Huawei equipment from its 5G core network construction. Vodafone said that because the European Union and the British government decided to remove Huawei from the core network, Vodafone decided to start removing Huawei equipment in its own 5G sensitive areas. This work may take 5 years, and the cost is about 200 million euros (about 220 million US dollars) .

However, Vodafone’s losses are much smaller than those of another telecommunications giant, BT. British Telecom said it plans to spend five years removing Huawei equipment from some networks at a cost of £ 500 million.

According to the British government, the new proposal to restrict Huawei’s involvement in the UK network will lead to a wider variety of hardware manufacturers is included. The Ministry of Culture, Media and Sports said it is currently working on plans to help diversify the supply chain and will adopt open standards to make it easier for new companies to enter the field.

Earlier, the UK made a decision on whether Huawei should participate in domestic 5G network construction. According to regulations, telecom operators can continue to use Huawei technology, but only in 35% of networks and non-sensitive parts of the network.

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