Was revoked by organizations such as WiFi Alliance: Huawei responded

Huawei issued a statement on the external industry organization, saying that Huawei’s products and services now and in the future will not be transparent and open. The organization of fairness, non-discrimination and the impact of its actions.

Recently, some media reported that the Wi-Fi Alliance, which has established wireless technology standards, the SD Association that has developed SD memory card standards, and the JEDEC (Solid State Technology Association) have all removed Huawei from the membership list.

The report pointed out that temporarily losing membership does not mean that Huawei cannot produce products using WiFi, but Huawei will no longer have a say in the future development of Wi-Fi technology.

On the basis of complying with applicable laws and regulations, Huawei will, as always, actively participate in relevant standards and industrial organizations, and through unremitting contributions, together with customers and partners, build a healthy, fair, open and sustainable industrial ecosystem.

Standards are an important means by which ICT information and communication industry science and technology development and productivity advancement depend on. Open and unified standards promote synergy between industry chains and help provide customers and consumers with more cost-effective and better products and services.

Huawei actively contributes to various industrial organizations such as standard organizations, industry alliances, and open source communities to accelerate industrial development and expand industrial space. Huawei has joined more than 400 standards organizations, industry alliances, and open source communities, serving more than 400 key positions. In 2018, we submitted more than 5,000 standard proposals and submitted nearly 60,000 articles.

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