Wenjie car series will get HarmonyOS 3 update

On March 31st, Yu Chengdong officially shared a post and confirmed that the entire series of Wenjie cars will be upgraded to HarmonyOS 3.

The latest update for the Wenjie Automobile will bring key HarmonyOS 3 features including seven new functional experiences – super desktop, PC dual-screen collaboration, smart car search, car owner privacy mode, HUD height adaptive adjustment, time wallpaper, and smart travel helper.

Among them, the newly added smart car search function allows car owners to stop taking out their mobile phones to take pictures to record the parking space after parking. The photos of the parking location will be automatically sent to the AITO App, making it very convenient to find a car in the parking lot of a large supermarket.

Wenjie car series to get HarmonyOS 3 update

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