What is Link Turbo in Huawei/Honor devices

HONOR has redefined the smartphone experience with the launch of Link Turbo, combining Wi-Fi and LTE signals to provide much faster download speeds. Link Turbo automatically analyzes users’ usage models and network conditions to figure out the best way to deliver an optimal result and switch seamlessly between Wi-Fi or 4G networks to boost downloading speed by simultaneously adopting both networks.

5G uses different kinds of antennas, operates on different radio spectrum frequencies, connects many more devices to the internet, minimizes delays, and delivers ultrafast speeds, the Link turbo task is so important in this case.

According to the Speedtest (Connection test website), says Link turbo is 71% faster than an LTE network and 135% faster than a Wi-Fi network using the Honor V20 as the test device. Honor V20 has three world-first technologies – the 48 megapixel rear camera, the HONOR FullView Display, and the Link Turbo.

How to enable “Link Turbo”/ How it works??


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