Huawei registered capital increased to 40.3 billion yuan

As per the data research last year, the company’s registered capital increased from 40.21 billion to 40.31 billion yuan on December 27, 2019. In the last year, Huawei changes in HiSilicon (HiSilicon History) helped out to increased from 6 billion to 20 billion yuan, and this total of 233%, more than three times the original.

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 1987. Its legal representative is Zhao Minglu. Its business scope includes the development and production of transmission equipment, data communication equipment, wireless communication equipment, software, computers and supporting equipment, terminal equipment, and communication information products.

The registered capital of a limited liability company is the amount of capital contribution subscribed by all shareholders registered with the company registration authority according to law.  Also, the smartphone business has maintained steady growth, with shipments exceeding 240 million units.

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